My Master

My Master is probably the best person maybe I was waiting for. He is an Indian Dominant and really kind and passionate in person. He is strict and firm in training and making me learn things and yet always been the one who picks me up and motivates me.

When we started in January 2020, I was honestly not wanting to submit when he asked me the first time. I barely did trust him, and being frivolous, I said him a big no. Yet a submissive in me couldn’t really say a no to him. There was a voice that told me to be with him and submit to him. If someone were to ask me now, I would have lost the person who is really important in my life. I share almost every single thing with him, every joy, pain or madness when I miss him. With time, I did start to trust him more and our intimacy levels increased.

He is a really selfless man, which is the quality I love in him the most. His care and worry makes me feel happiness inside me and make me submit more each time. He is kinky and often makes me wet just by his voice and then using his creative words, makes me breathless.

I love when he talks to me, about himself, about his life, his childhood, things he like, kinda everything about him. I feel secure when he comes back home and talk to me, be it only five minutes. The way he calls out my name, it sends a shiver down my spine, making my breath go deeper and my knees feel weak. I miss him all day, and when we finally sit and talk, it is honestly worth the wait.

Patience and trust are the two qualities that I have learnt from him. I was bad at both, I did lose confidence at times when things didn’t go well. He also make me a better person, each day. I just have no words to explain how vulnerable I am to my Master. I trust him and he made me trust me because he trusts in me.

Being your submissive is a pleasure to me. He is a perfect Master for me in my life. I am glad not to lose him in my life. I want him to achieve big in life and excel in his dreams and goals set by him and if I may be the part of his life in helping him, I am happy. May he be happy and smile always, even if it is not meant to be.

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