Hello Everyone ❤️

This website is about my BDSM qoutes, feelings and poetries written by me for my Master.

Master, You nurtured me like a plant, a soul as yours to master and for that I am grateful.

To be his submissive was the best decision I could ever take. He makes me see things I never thought I could do. He helps me in making my own identify. He bounds me like his bitch holding me strongly. He guides me for decisions I make. He loves me like his dimpled bitch.

All I can do for him is to give him my all and make him proud to be my Master. I wish to please him. Hearing his voice is a medicine. His instructions, my life. The feelings of his presence give me all the ideas of kinky things I ever do. I wish to submit, not because he is my dominant but because he did treat me like a princess and a slut at the same time. Calling him Master makes me feel proud but being all his makes me feel prouder.

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