About Me

I am Master’s dimpled girl, his snoopy and his submissive in a long distance BDSM relation. We did start being in a BDSM relation in the early January, 2020. I am an Indian and a student in my real life. I’m passionate about all things BDSM and encourage female sexual liberation.

I did know BDSM term for around two years and I would say, each time, I learnt its new meaning and got a new perspective to it. Starting into a BDSM relationship with Master was not only thrilling, but it also required a lot of trust and respect between us.

I did make this blog as a birthday gift for my Master. At that moment, we did just spend two months with each other.  As the months passed by, we did create that intimacy level between us, and so did trust.

Some of my hobbies are singing, coding, editing, drawing, writing, listening music and reading novels. Master also wants me to learn calligraphy but after quite a while.

I always wanted to become a submissive because it is something that let me be myself- vulnerable and pure. The idea that someone else whom I trust will select and decide certain things for me is kinda relieving, also turns me on and lets me focus on improving my weaker areas and expand my limits. I am allowed to be vulnerable to that person and at a place where I know he won’t judge me. Also that look when I please him is so overwhelming to explain, the look when he feels proud of me and want me to grow selflessly.

Serving Master gives a joy from within. His voice, his sweet smile, the word for each week, doing my bed, spending time with Master’s pillow- Mr Melt Cuddles, missing him, teasing him with some kinky ideas, sharing my blues and happiness, listening to his songs, etc are some of my favorite things to that just turns me on.

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