There’s something about Master’s chest

Photo by Katerina Holmes on

There’s something about his chest
Not really sexual, not really lustful
Just where it feels to rest my temples
With his arms wrapped around.

His warmth keeping me safe
Hearing every heartbeat, the music’s so sweet
Humming his serenity into my ears
Calming the tides of anger, doubt or fears.

Cuddling and holding his hands,
Other playing with his chest and his hairs.
With my vulnerabilities bare
All my insecurities – secure.

His breath over my hairs,
His hand around my waist
He know what it does to me,
When he does this way.

Slowly drifting into sleep,
I sneak one last peek
Giving him a peck on his cheeks
I come back slowly, it’s all I seek.

Published by Master's Dimpled Girl

A proud bitch owned by her Master ❤️

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