Squirting Bitch

The Summer was starting when my mom was mad at me for not opening the windows of my room. It was hot and did felt suffocating at times, but I feel scared of insects honestly. It makes me go all itchy and shivering, just by seeing that insect, if that hops, a scream is sure to be followed- Sort of like we saw Sheldon(Big Bang Theory) with the bird. So with all this, she went to the other room to sleep and honestly I wanted her to come back, but I did wanted to spend that lil privacy with Master. We did wait for everyone to sleep and then we video called on that day. He asked me to be on bed- kneeling and be naked completely.

After the video call started, Master asked me to get a few towels and a paintbrush. I was in my room (locked) so I did manage with some dupattas of mine and reported back to him. He made me sit with legs spread as he asked me to use the brush over my clit. It was so stimulating and I just giggled and moaned for a while feeling all wet as slowly I started to squirt. Master then made me take the back side of brush as he slowly made me move over the clit.

Master told me to imagine the brush part as his tongue and the back portion as his teeth. With that thought further in my mind, I did keep squirting for around like next 30 mins that we did spend together. It was the first time I did squirt so much for him. After disconnecting the call, I removed the dupattas which did no good over my bed. It looked as if someone peed and was doubtful if it will dry out or not. I sent the picture to him

After a few days, my mom came back in my room again, but that night was still beautiful because of our sneaky squirting day with his lil Snoopy. Also we did had that as our word for the week- SQUIRT and his Squirting lil Bitch

PS – Master made me squirt on floor from the next time, even recently, when I was all alone which was one of our best days are a great memory I still cannot forget.

Published by Master's Dimpled Girl

A proud bitch owned by her Master ❤️

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