Most Important Word in My Life

Calligraphy and Doodling by Master’s bitch

To My Master,

Be it any happiness or problem, the first thought that goes in my mind is “Tell Master”. You have always supported me and given advice at times to guide me in the right direction. The care when I get sick and that playfulness when we are together. You are like a natural drug to all my worries, panic, sadness, etc. Just the presence of yours makes me happy and your little bitch starts to giggle, hugging her Mr Cuddles.

P. s- arousal too

My each day begins with a good morning Master and ends with a good night Master. It just feels like a lazy boring day when you don’t allow me to text before a specific time.

Often while doing calligraphy, the most common word I write is snoopy or dimple but it never feels complete, until I put a Master above it. It just brings up a goofy smile with dimples on my face and makes it feel complete.

Addition of you in my life has brought so much happiness. When I hug you, it feels as if I am home. All my thoughts slowly calms down and I just admire and kiss you softly.

The way you have supported me all the way till now and make me feel the potential to achieve things is really something I am thankful for. I just have a trust that you will be there, whatever happens Master. You are the valuable moon in my life, midst twinkling stars, like this doodle.

Your Dimpled chut

Published by Master's Dimpled Girl

A proud bitch owned by her Master ❤️

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