Happy Holi

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Pexels.com

Holi is an Indian festival of colours. Holi heralds the arrival of spring after winter. It signifies the victory of good over evil and is celebrated as a day of spreading happiness and love. The festival is also celebrated as thanksgiving for good harvest. Holi celebrations start on the night before Holi with Holika Dahan, where people perform rituals in front of a bonfire, praying for their inner evil to be destroyed, just as Holika was killed in fire. The carnival of colours begins the next morning, where people come out on the streets to play with colours, and drench each other in coloured water through water guns or balloons.

This time, due to covid-19 pandemic spread, we could hardly play with colours. Specifically, at my home, Holi means a lot of dishes like Dahi wada, Gujiyas, Sweets, Nimki, Dhuska, Custard, Pancakes and so on. This time we can say it was a dry holi. When I wished my Master for Holi, he told me he had to go for work as in South India, it is not celebrated much. 

In the morning, I did send him a body wish (wishes written on my body) with some quotes and some drawings. It was a moment when I did get an idea to give a body wish on his birthday which was approaching. Throughout the day, I did send him every sweet dish that my parents made at home, explaining what it is. 

In the evening, some of my parent’s friends came home. I did wear the dress which Master made me buy around a month back when everything was safe. It was a sleeveless blue Indian frock suit with two slits in front, near collar bones, and had patterns of red and white. The dress had a special meaning to me as it was the first time, he did choose it for me. I did send him some pictures of mine with dry colours that we played. 

The day gradually concluded, we did talk for a while, at night. The next day, he did choose the word for the week as HAPPY HOLI. He made my life colourful and brought happiness in every shade of mine. There is a positivity that he held since then in my life and made me a better soul.

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