Sucking my master

Little Calligraphy I learnt


As he comes home, tired and sits on his couch, I want to kneel beside him and bestow a sweet kiss on his knees. I want to slowly caress his feet and give him a massage in his calves. We will talk about our days and discuss what he loves or watch something together. I will slowly caress his lund and lick him over his pants as he plays with my hair or grabs me by my hair. I did love even a small whisper in that low, husky and dominant tone. It just makes my knees go weak and be his wet cunt. I would love to continuing licking as he undo his zip his pants and give me his lund. I will start using my toungue, slowly on his tip and I go backwards slowly. I want him to feel relaxed. I will love to lick every drop of pre cum he gives to his hungry, desperate bitch. I want to take inside my eager mouth slowly applying the pressure of my lips and take a little while rolling my toungue over it inside. I will take it deeper applying pressure from below with my tongue and reach till the back of my mouth. I want to give him whatever pace he loves as he grabs my hair to a pony and fuck his kutiya’s mouth. I want my breasts to jiggle and ass spanked a little. I would love to be choked by him. Taking him all the way down my throat, moaning and making me his breathless cunt. I want to go till his soft balls and lick them pressing between my lips. I would love to have all his cum deep in my throat, my mouth, my lips, and all over his bitch. I want to sit between his legs, being his wet sluty breathless mess. I just want to put my face over his lap and forget the world.


P.S.- Your randi chut got a tickling and oozing chut full of wetness while writing this. Hope to suck you soon master.

PSS. – I will make chocolate syrup before hand too and freeze it for a while too for our kinky wild things.

Published by Master's Dimpled Girl

A proud bitch owned by her Master ❤️

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