It’s been more than three months Master, we have been together with a lot of sweet memories of us. You are the best and probably perfect for me. You have always understood me and guided me like a parent. You have been my friend when I broke and always been there.

When I close my eyes, I remember how I said a no, and then I thank God for letting me choose right. I trust you Master- not because I should- but because you were the one who told me not to trust and with time- you have it all. That selflessness and optimism for everything is something I will always adore in you. When I talked to you first, it felt so intimidating and care hidden along. When you gave me that crown, I felt proud to be able to acheive that place in your life.

I remember those teasing days when you almost showed me your cock and then just hid it with towel as you made me suck my fingers as you embraced your fingers along it. I remember when you denied me orgasms, on the very first time, I was the most desperate. But with time, your little sweet laugh of enjoyment made me laugh too, making me dive deep into you and I start to feel happy.

When I saw your chest, I felt protected and confident. It is a sweet home away from home. I just love hugging you there, letting my face bury on your chest and tell everything I ever feel.

I love to be your DIMPLED slut and your little bitch- Snoopy. These names hold a special place and I can’t explain the smile it brings on my face.

The words for the week- the way you choose a word is something admirable and I realized this when I made this blog. It depends on the very situation of our week or a sweet memory reminding me every now and then about you.

When I saw you, I was probably the happiest person because I least expect it at that time (although I desired to)

I remember how you tease me on call making me imaging things like blindfolding myself and playing naked badminton with you which I will win either ways- sucking my Master’s sweet cock deep into my mouth.

I remember how you uplifted me when I really felt I will not be able to manage. I was all yours on that day. You were the one who always gave me an honest and truthful review to my plan and everything, making me feel better everyday. I would always be with you and support you in everything master as you do that to me. I love you. ❤️

Published by Master's Dimpled Girl

A proud bitch owned by her Master ❤️

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