When I met you


Dear Master,

When I met you, honestly, I didn’t confide in you as I do now. It was a sudden thing for me to be a submissive, but was thrilling for me too. Albeit, I said no at first, at times I think, what if you did not persuade me much to be with you, I would have lost someone really important. Although I had my mind on confusion of decisions, I liked you and the way you played BDSM. You seemed a really good dominant to me. I did meet many others too on the site, asking me same- I always rejected or made an excuse, but, sometimes I think, maybe God wanted me to wait for you. After talking to you, I just couldn’t fake anything. I accepted you as a master for me – a little that day. I connected on Gmail first so as to know if you were really good. Don’t take it as a negative note but a great apple can be rotten at heart too.

After knowing the ways you wanted to go and the plans you had for our long term, I still felt if promises could fade about my studies and career. On 2nd day, I knew my submissive in me was not going to say no, although I thought to wait and think for more about academics and social part . I just took my time to trust you, a little everyday- a little more each day. Your heart is good and kind, not rotten at all.

When I told you my fantasies and secrets, I felt like opening up myself, without any fakeness, to someone, complete stranger to me. I called you master on the 3rd day because I felt, being with you was going to help me in everything. To be honest, I didn’t trust you then still, but I thought to give my all to you.

After knowing you for like 2.5 months, I feel much better than I was before. You filled positivity and good vibes in my life and I am thankful for this. I wanna be your baby bitch and follow as you instruct. I trust you now, and I must say, I wish I could find you earlier.

Published by Master's Dimpled Girl

A proud bitch owned by her Master ❤️

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