My Feelings towards Master – a letter

To my Master,

Your Bitch has found that one man she can trust with everything she has. She knows that no matter what happens, her Master is going to protect her, guide her and nurture her. She needs you to feel wanted while he wants to feel needed. The voice of her Master, something like a manna to a hungry bitch, all her thoughts ceases, her body arousing gradually, her breath a little heavier.

When Master feels worried, it’s like he is the cutest one on the planet, with a little anger, a little care, a little dominant and demanding one. The moment she hears his voice, it rings in her ears. Honestly, it just gives solace to mind and soul, just wanting to hug him closer, please him more. She loves her Master a lot and finds him perfect for her.


Your DIMPLED Bitch

Published by Master's Dimpled Girl

A proud bitch owned by her Master ❤️

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