From Dominant To Master

From an insomniac with just two-three hour sleep to an eight hour sleep, Master, your rules were bringing a change inside me.

From being a night person to a morning person, Master, I never thought I could improve this habit.

From being lazy and messed up to doing my bed and making my own breakfast, Master, you made me responsible.

From being filled with pessimism to optimism, Master, you made me feel how happy I always could be.

From sleeping alone to sleeping with your named pillow, in your arms, Master, you comforted me when I was down.

From thinking BDSM about pain to seeing your kind and gentle behavior, Master, you are an example of good dominant.

From sleeping in your arms to your chest, Master, I started feeling home.

From saying good night to good morning, Master, I started wishing to spend every and every moment with you.

From you being kinky and sexy to being strict while making me study, Master, you sorted my life like an untangled earphones.

From being just my Dominant to someone whom I could see as a mentor, Master, you owned my heart and soul.

From being weak and submissive to feeling strong in your presence, Master, you had my submission.

From being your good girl to your dimpled slut, Master, I was all yours.

Published by Master's Dimpled Girl

A proud bitch owned by her Master ❤️

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