I didn’t submit to you first

I didn’t submit to you first,

My heart was broken and barely wanted to trust,

Yet your gentleness made me feel passionately

And made me think again, for you held my soul like no one ever did.

When you did ask me my secrets, I hesitated to tell,

But when I did tell, you won a special space in my heart

A positivity started to spread around my world

I was owned by you, for you made me see myself I never thought I could be.

Your dominance had an empowerment over me,

Your voice echoed through my veins

As if you were the one, purifying impure blood to pure,

And my submission started to follow your path of light

Yet with a person whom I fantasize, all in darkness

People say pain hurts, but o’ sweet torturer,

I feel pain healing my scars

I was strong within, yet I choose to kneel down before you.

Giving you all my soul and body,

Yours to keep, Yours to degrade,

Yours to feel, Yours to degrade,

Yours to feel, Yours to own,

Yours to serve, Yours to collar,

Master, your bitch trusts you more than anyone.

Published by Master's Dimpled Girl

A proud bitch owned by her Master ❤️

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