When You Call Me Your Dimpled Bitch

When you call me your dimpled bitch

A little inside me starts giggling

And the world seems happy.

Every memory of us starts to rewind

Hitting with nostalgia, I smile for days.

All I want is to hug you tightly

Talking to your sweet chest,

Letting all my inhibitions go,

Crawling into your arms,

We’ll create magic.

I want to kiss you long and deep,

Room filled with passion and ecstasy

Calming all the tide of every anguish

And let the daffodils bloom.

Making me feel all vulnerable,

I feel special, In that moment,

I feel you Master.


It’s been more than three months Master, we have been together with a lot of sweet memories of us. You are the best and probably perfect for me. You have always understood me and guided me like a parent. You have been my friend when I broke and always been there.

When I close my eyes, I remember how I said a no, and then I thank God for letting me choose right. I trust you Master- not because I should- but because you were the one who told me not to trust and with time- you have it all. That selflessness and optimism for everything is something I will always adore in you. When I talked to you first, it felt so intimidating and care hidden along. When you gave me that crown, I felt proud to be able to acheive that place in your life.

I remember those teasing days when you almost showed me your cock and then just hid it with towel as you made me suck my fingers as you embraced your fingers along it. I remember when you denied me orgasms, on the very first time, I was the most desperate. But with time, your little sweet laugh of enjoyment made me laugh too, making me dive deep into you and I start to feel happy.

When I saw your chest, I felt protected and confident. It is a sweet home away from home. I just love hugging you there, letting my face bury on your chest and tell everything I ever feel.

I love to be your DIMPLED slut and your little bitch- Snoopy. These names hold a special place and I can’t explain the smile it brings on my face.

The words for the week- the way you choose a word is something admirable and I realized this when I made this blog. It depends on the very situation of our week or a sweet memory reminding me every now and then about you.

When I saw you, I was probably the happiest person because I least expect it at that time (although I desired to)

I remember how you tease me on call making me imaging things like blindfolding myself and playing naked badminton with you which I will win either ways- sucking my Master’s sweet cock deep into my mouth.

I remember how you uplifted me when I really felt I will not be able to manage. I was all yours on that day. You were the one who always gave me an honest and truthful review to my plan and everything, making me feel better everyday. I would always be with you and support you in everything master as you do that to me. I love you. ❤️

When I met you

I just can’t afford to lose you, Master


Dear Master,

When I met you, honestly, I didn’t confide in you as I do now. It was a sudden thing for me to be a submissive, but was thrilling for me too. Albeit, I said no at first, at times I think, what if you did not persuade me much to be with you, I would have lost someone really important. Although I had my mind on confusion of decisions, I liked you and the way you played BDSM. You seemed a really good dominant to me. I did meet many others too on the site, asking me same- I always rejected or made an excuse, but, sometimes I think, maybe God wanted me to wait for you. After talking to you, I just couldn’t fake anything. I accepted you as a master for me – a little that day. I connected on Gmail first so as to know if you were really good. Don’t take it as a negative note but a great apple can be rotten at heart too.

After knowing the ways you wanted to go and the plans you had for our long term, I still felt if promises could fade about my studies and career. On 2nd day, I knew my submissive in me was not going to say no, although I thought to wait and think for more about academics and social part . I just took my time to trust you, a little everyday- a little more each day. Your heart is good and kind, not rotten at all.

When I told you my fantasies and secrets, I felt like opening up myself, without any fakeness, to someone, complete stranger to me. I called you master on the 3rd day because I felt, being with you was going to help me in everything. To be honest, I didn’t trust you then still, but I thought to give my all to you.

After knowing you for like 2.5 months, I feel much better than I was before. You filled positivity and good vibes in my life and I am thankful for this. I wanna be your baby bitch and follow as you instruct. I trust you now, and I must say, I wish I could find you earlier.

My Feelings towards Master – a letter

To my Master,

Your Bitch has found that one man she can trust with everything she has. She knows that no matter what happens, her Master is going to protect her, guide her and nurture her. She needs you to feel wanted while he wants to feel needed. The voice of her Master, something like a manna to a hungry bitch, all her thoughts ceases, her body arousing gradually, her breath a little heavier.

When Master feels worried, it’s like he is the cutest one on the planet, with a little anger, a little care, a little dominant and demanding one. The moment she hears his voice, it rings in her ears. Honestly, it just gives solace to mind and soul, just wanting to hug him closer, please him more. She loves her Master a lot and finds him perfect for her.


Your DIMPLED Bitch

When you call me your little bitch

When you call me your little bitch,

Breath getting a little heavier

My adrenaline rushes down my spine

Leaving tender shivering,

A smile on my face.

I nod to agree, closing my eyes in imagination

I see you as my Master who is coming closer to me

Day by day, I try to learn and cherish

Feeling protected, happiness spreads around my heart

Oh Lord, you make me so desperate

His chest -my home , his arms-my windows,

Hugging him close, I feel solace there.


Our souls, stark and bereft of colours,

When our bodies pressed up against our heart,

Feeling your hands, spreading my thoughts,

Lingering over the curves of passion,

Stroking my opinions, cupping my desires,

We started to complete each other.

I want your soul breathing heavily against my collarbones,

Your thoughts nibbling on my ears,

Your passion pressed against my lips,

Hopes naked on our skin,

I want your desire letting out soft little moans against my soul.

When you make me wait

When you make me wait,

I feel like a child grinning for a lolipop,

Filling up air between my cheeks

I look down mad at you still.


When you make me wait

I feel like hating the whole world

Missing you all day, deep down inside me

My heart strongly feels for you.


When you make me wait

More is the longing to see you

More the urge I feel to talk to you

More I ponder over the things you say.


When you make me wait

Often I think I’ll make you wait more for me

But that irresistible sweet voice and a simple ‘Hi little bitch’

Makes me too happy to ignore.


When you make me wait

My heart fills with blue

Sounding like a sad song of mine

Slowly hugging my pillow, bestowing a kiss or two


When you make me wait

I know you are busy, working really hard,

I know you like to take your time

I’ll put everything for you, cause’ you are worth waiting.

To My Lord (my world),

Ever since the day you came in my life, it changed in a much positive way. I remember me as a messy lazy girl but you changed that piece of mine. Honestly, I feel much organised. I am still working over my laziness to improve. It’s been over 2months I have known you and these days have been the best days of my little life.

To hear your voice and imagine your chest, I can’t express how it makes my mood flip and a brings a big smile on my face. To imagine your touch of your fingers over me and your body close to me while I kneel, I can’t tell you how lucky I feel sometimes to meet you in my life. You are that precious gem I couldn’t afford to lose. Thank you for bringing light in my life. I hate this distance between us. I keep counting down the moments until I get to hear your warm voice on phone. It feels as if God gave me manna to a soul that fills the body with an unknown serenity and calmness.

When you look at me, I feel the confidence of doing everything.

I love you for being such a perfect Master to me who always guided me, comforted me and loved me. You never told me to trust you but that made me trust you more than anything. I crave to see you sometimes but I know you will show yourself up, when I be deserving enough and you are worth that wait. Deep inside I know, whatever happens, you can break me, show all the harsh realities of the life, but your intentions will be always to build me up. This is something I did learn from you which I found much more beautiful than just trust. We often run short of time, but the sensations you give me in those little talks are enough to give me butterflies in stomach and a blushing face. You just make the most of it in that little time.

When you sleep, I love to massage your head and legs warmly and see you sleep

When I close my eyes, I see your bare chest brushing over my face with my hands on there. I want to listen to your each heartbeat and the poetries it speaks. All I can say for now is I wanna know you better and trust you the most. I wanna keep you closer and make you proud. I love you from the depth of my heart.

Me when you say, we can talk.

My imagination slowly after I start to think about you

His Chest

I love to lie closest to your heart
Like a temple I always wanna worship,
Something that makes all my tides serene,
Somewhere you calm all my demons,
And I know my heart,here , will never break.
Binding me with your love and dominance,
Your taste staining my toungue with lust,
You are the fire in my heart ,
And the ocean in my eyes.
Something tender, something beautiful,
Seeking my slender fingers over them,
My lips luring like a moth to taste.
Sleeping all close to you,
I find my little home around your chest
And all I wanna do is give
All the pleasure I could.

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