There’s something about Master’s chest

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There’s something about his chest
Not really sexual, not really lustful
Just where it feels to rest my temples
With his arms wrapped around.

His warmth keeping me safe
Hearing every heartbeat, the music’s so sweet
Humming his serenity into my ears
Calming the tides of anger, doubt or fears.

Cuddling and holding his hands,
Other playing with his chest and his hairs.
With my vulnerabilities bare
All my insecurities – secure.

His breath over my hairs,
His hand around my waist
He know what it does to me,
When he does this way.

Slowly drifting into sleep,
I sneak one last peek
Giving him a peck on his cheeks
I come back slowly, it’s all I seek.

Squirting Bitch

The Summer was starting when my mom was mad at me for not opening the windows of my room. It was hot and did felt suffocating at times, but I feel scared of insects honestly. It makes me go all itchy and shivering, just by seeing that insect, if that hops, a scream is sure to be followed- Sort of like we saw Sheldon(Big Bang Theory) with the bird. So with all this, she went to the other room to sleep and honestly I wanted her to come back, but I did wanted to spend that lil privacy with Master. We did wait for everyone to sleep and then we video called on that day. He asked me to be on bed- kneeling and be naked completely.

After the video call started, Master asked me to get a few towels and a paintbrush. I was in my room (locked) so I did manage with some dupattas of mine and reported back to him. He made me sit with legs spread as he asked me to use the brush over my clit. It was so stimulating and I just giggled and moaned for a while feeling all wet as slowly I started to squirt. Master then made me take the back side of brush as he slowly made me move over the clit.

Master told me to imagine the brush part as his tongue and the back portion as his teeth. With that thought further in my mind, I did keep squirting for around like next 30 mins that we did spend together. It was the first time I did squirt so much for him. After disconnecting the call, I removed the dupattas which did no good over my bed. It looked as if someone peed and was doubtful if it will dry out or not. I sent the picture to him

After a few days, my mom came back in my room again, but that night was still beautiful because of our sneaky squirting day with his lil Snoopy. Also we did had that as our word for the week- SQUIRT and his Squirting lil Bitch

PS – Master made me squirt on floor from the next time, even recently, when I was all alone which was one of our best days are a great memory I still cannot forget.

Ten Beautiful MemorieS of MaSter and me

There iS a lot of memorieS of me and my maSter – completing over 10 monthS. Some are  good, Some filled with upS and downS. I am doing thiS poSt aS a taSk where all my S remainS capital and after writing every 3S, I am Supposed to rub the clit once and not to cum.

Starting with the firSt memory of uS and alSo my my firSt taSk- It was the month of January when I Submitted to him. It waS the firSt time when I called him. HiS voice is nice and haS the dominant’S tone in it when it goeS low and huSky. He told me to go to the bathroom in that voice and touch myself Slowly for exactly 4 minS. Setting my timer – I touched all Slowly and came back as a horny bitch – not being able to cum. I aSked him if I could touch again or not, but he denied. After a while, he told me to do the Same again and keep a medium pace and for 2minS. The Same happened again. After coming back, I Said to him , “I’m not gonna touch mySelf now the next time you tell me So” but he did know what waS gonna happen in future. He told me the next day and then the next to touch with a perfect calculation of pace and time. On the 3rd day, he finally allowed me to cum.

The Second memorable moment waS when I waS doubting mySelf, if the thingS that I liked were normal or not. With that thing in mind, I read a blog which wrote a Story with Similar Story aS my life went through. I waS completely low and quite diStracted. I did aSk my maSter about it. After talking to him, my mind felt nice and free from thoSe doubtS. The way he alwayS Supported me iS really Something I will alwayS admire in him.

The third memory waS on hiS birthday, after Holi, I got the idea to paint and write the wiSheS on my body. With that done by evening, I arranged the paperS of poemS and letter I did complete handwritten (aS he loveS my handwriting) For creating a SenSe of SurpriSe for him, I did mention it only once like a week before hiS birthday. I wiShed him exactly at 12, wearing a black frock (HiS favorite colour) Due to privacy iSSueS, we couldn’t talk but the memory of what we chatted till late night iS Still memorable. The another day in evening, I wore a black bodycon dreSS again, with a little kajal and a lipStick. I called him and told him to type a Site addreSS (this blog), that happineSS in hiS voice iS Something that I Still remember.

The fourth memory waS the day when I Studied well. MaSter made me Sit and complete a chapter by telling me that he will reward me when I do So and not to meSSage him until then. After completing the chapter in 2 days, he Sent me a video recording and hiS sweet cheSt with my name written over it. It waS the firSt video he made for any Submissive and it did feel Special. He wrote, “I miss my dimpled Slut” in between hiS fingerS, which I really did, not being able to talk to him.

The fifth memory waS when I told him about the pillow which I uSe to hug and kiSS. He told me to write MELT on it. It was the firSt word which he made me write on my Skin and also on my pillow. Ever Since then, he became a part of my life like talking to him when I miSSed maSter or being mad at him by keeping him at a lil diStance from me and then Sleeping – until I miSSed him So that I could not Sleep and then hug him cloSe. After a few monthS, I told maSter the name of Mr Melt CuddleS. CuddleS aS I really don’t imagine a place where he waS not there and made an impact on my life and So did my maSter

The Sixth memory waS the day when he teaSed me with hiS lund for a Second and then hid it with towel and diSconnected the call. Even for a glimpse, it waS too luSty and perfect to forget. It made me deSperate and I wanted to Suck my fingerS. I aSked if I am allowed to do So – for which I got a unlimited acceSS and a glimpSe of hiS mind picturing hiS bitch to Suck him as he returnS home from work.

The Seventh memory worth Sharing waS Cork – Cock and the Badminton. MaSter made me imagine playing naked badminton with him. It Still make my mind bluSh aS I think of it. It then led to our word for the week aS COCK – BAT.

From the word for the week, the 8th memory waS the day he Snatched the word for the week and made me be without it for 2 dayS. It juSt Started to make me feel aS if I committed Some miStake or diSappointed him, but it turned out that he juSt wanted me to Show the importance of that word and what it did through all theSe monthS.

The nineth memory is about my birthday when MaSter Showed me hiS lund – without any towel, just raw. It made me bite my lipS and make my mouth droll, making my eyeS looking like a puppy as he Stroked his lund. It waS the beSt gift that I got to See except he himSelf and hiS voice too.

The tenth memory waS of the dance I did for him. It was a Strip dance for him – Striping Slowly from my frock to my StockingS to my bra and even today being his randi Slut and dancing half naked in preSence of maSter with a dupatta turned into a bikini, with all hard nipples and a wet cunt for MaSter.

TheSe are just Some of the memorieS that I think I will alwayS remember- including thiS whole day. The way he made me Squirt and wet my bed is probably the 11th memory I can think of Still now. I just love and am proud being his lil cunt and his good bitch, Snoopy and His Dimpled Slut.

Happy Diwali

Let each diya you light bring a glow of happiness on your face and enlighten your soul
Let each gujiya you eat make you filled with mirth and nostalgia
Let each ladoo you have gives you all the strengths within like Chota Bheem
Let each nimki give you a perfect kinky mind as it has always been

Let the rangoli make your life filled with colors and bring joy in your life
Let the dark night be so bright to bring light in your journey
Let your bitch be there whenever her master need his Snoopy
Let this festival make you attain all the possible heights in your life and fill love into your life


A sweet memory of Master and me

It was a few months ago when lockdown was implemented in India. India was just welcoming coronavirus. Everyone was scared and people started to stay at home, exams were cancelled and the only shops that were open was for daily essential stuffs.

Master and I were talking about his childhood, the sports he liked- cricket, badminton- his liking in music and singing. The evening was calm and soothing with Master telling me his stories- how he liked cricket and got hurt, the songs he wanted to record and how his childhood went into playing gully cricket, badminton, etc.

In my childhood, I used to love badminton as a sport. Winters used to be our major play season for badminton, when me and my friends used to play on streets of our locality. We had a lot of experience in throwing a cork in someone’s garden, tree’s branches (and then throwing the badminton up too in the hope of getting both back) and sometimes to the people who passed by (a mistake but it used to be funny when the cork went over their head).

We were in middle of the conversation when he told me that he wanted to play badminton with me. The rules to this game were different. The first rule was that I was supposed to be naked. The first rule gave me a jaw-drop for a second to biting my lips in another with a chuckle on my face. Imagining him in front of me, playing naked, was an instant turn on for me. Seeing him watching my his yummy mangoes jiggle and him getting distracted was making me giggle.

Thoughts of seducing him that way started playing in my mind like his little slut. Questions like if I will be allowed to touch myself was crossing my mind to add more fun to the game. After enough thinking, I told him, “I may win distracting you Master in this way.”
Master replied that he can smash his cock hard on my face and hurt me a little, later he wins or me, I am gonna end up over my Master’s lund sucking him like a good bitch, with the shuttle cock on my head like a crown and he got nothing to lose even then. This made me giggle more, having a want to just hug him close.

I just love having a feeling of sucking him hard and deep, giving Master all the pleasure he wants. The way he has always been with me and made me strong, fills my heart with respect for Master, and a want to give him everything. Using my lips and tongue, as he sits using his fucktoy, calms me down somewhere. This also became our word for the week- COCK-BAT. Writing this still makes me giggle having such a sweet memory of us.

Our lives have been difficult and we have worked hard together in everything whether it be in simple decisions or bigger ones. The trust that he is gonna stay with me no matter what, makes me feel strong and confident. I am just lucky to have Master in my life.

Most Important Word in My Life

Calligraphy and Doodling by Master’s bitch

To My Master,

Be it any happiness or problem, the first thought that goes in my mind is “Tell Master”. You have always supported me and given advice at times to guide me in the right direction. The care when I get sick and that playfulness when we are together. You are like a natural drug to all my worries, panic, sadness, etc. Just the presence of yours makes me happy and your little bitch starts to giggle, hugging her Mr Cuddles.

P. s- arousal too

My each day begins with a good morning Master and ends with a good night Master. It just feels like a lazy boring day when you don’t allow me to text before a specific time.

Often while doing calligraphy, the most common word I write is snoopy or dimple but it never feels complete, until I put a Master above it. It just brings up a goofy smile with dimples on my face and makes it feel complete.

Addition of you in my life has brought so much happiness. When I hug you, it feels as if I am home. All my thoughts slowly calms down and I just admire and kiss you softly.

The way you have supported me all the way till now and make me feel the potential to achieve things is really something I am thankful for. I just have a trust that you will be there, whatever happens Master. You are the valuable moon in my life, midst twinkling stars, like this doodle.

Your Dimpled chut

Happy Holi

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Holi is an Indian festival of colours. Holi heralds the arrival of spring after winter. It signifies the victory of good over evil and is celebrated as a day of spreading happiness and love. The festival is also celebrated as thanksgiving for good harvest. Holi celebrations start on the night before Holi with Holika Dahan, where people perform rituals in front of a bonfire, praying for their inner evil to be destroyed, just as Holika was killed in fire. The carnival of colours begins the next morning, where people come out on the streets to play with colours, and drench each other in coloured water through water guns or balloons.

This time, due to covid-19 pandemic spread, we could hardly play with colours. Specifically, at my home, Holi means a lot of dishes like Dahi wada, Gujiyas, Sweets, Nimki, Dhuska, Custard, Pancakes and so on. This time we can say it was a dry holi. When I wished my Master for Holi, he told me he had to go for work as in South India, it is not celebrated much. 

In the morning, I did send him a body wish (wishes written on my body) with some quotes and some drawings. It was a moment when I did get an idea to give a body wish on his birthday which was approaching. Throughout the day, I did send him every sweet dish that my parents made at home, explaining what it is. 

In the evening, some of my parent’s friends came home. I did wear the dress which Master made me buy around a month back when everything was safe. It was a sleeveless blue Indian frock suit with two slits in front, near collar bones, and had patterns of red and white. The dress had a special meaning to me as it was the first time, he did choose it for me. I did send him some pictures of mine with dry colours that we played. 

The day gradually concluded, we did talk for a while, at night. The next day, he did choose the word for the week as HAPPY HOLI. He made my life colourful and brought happiness in every shade of mine. There is a positivity that he held since then in my life and made me a better soul.

Sucking my master

Little Calligraphy I learnt


As he comes home, tired and sits on his couch, I want to kneel beside him and bestow a sweet kiss on his knees. I want to slowly caress his feet and give him a massage in his calves. We will talk about our days and discuss what he loves or watch something together. I will slowly caress his lund and lick him over his pants as he plays with my hair or grabs me by my hair. I did love even a small whisper in that low, husky and dominant tone. It just makes my knees go weak and be his wet cunt. I would love to continuing licking as he undo his zip his pants and give me his lund. I will start using my toungue, slowly on his tip and I go backwards slowly. I want him to feel relaxed. I will love to lick every drop of pre cum he gives to his hungry, desperate bitch. I want to take inside my eager mouth slowly applying the pressure of my lips and take a little while rolling my toungue over it inside. I will take it deeper applying pressure from below with my tongue and reach till the back of my mouth. I want to give him whatever pace he loves as he grabs my hair to a pony and fuck his kutiya’s mouth. I want my breasts to jiggle and ass spanked a little. I would love to be choked by him. Taking him all the way down my throat, moaning and making me his breathless cunt. I want to go till his soft balls and lick them pressing between my lips. I would love to have all his cum deep in my throat, my mouth, my lips, and all over his bitch. I want to sit between his legs, being his wet sluty breathless mess. I just want to put my face over his lap and forget the world.


P.S.- Your randi chut got a tickling and oozing chut full of wetness while writing this. Hope to suck you soon master.

PSS. – I will make chocolate syrup before hand too and freeze it for a while too for our kinky wild things.

When You Call Me Your Dimpled Bitch

When you call me your dimpled bitch

A little inside me starts giggling

And the world seems happy.

Every memory of us starts to rewind

Hitting with nostalgia, I smile for days.

All I want is to hug you tightly

Talking to your sweet chest,

Letting all my inhibitions go,

Crawling into your arms,

We’ll create magic.

I want to kiss you long and deep,

Room filled with passion and ecstasy

Calming all the tide of every anguish

And let the daffodils bloom.

Making me feel all vulnerable,

I feel special, In that moment,

I feel you Master.


It’s been more than three months Master, we have been together with a lot of sweet memories of us. You are the best and probably perfect for me. You have always understood me and guided me like a parent. You have been my friend when I broke and always been there.

When I close my eyes, I remember how I said a no, and then I thank God for letting me choose right. I trust you Master- not because I should- but because you were the one who told me not to trust and with time- you have it all. That selflessness and optimism for everything is something I will always adore in you. When I talked to you first, it felt so intimidating and care hidden along. When you gave me that crown, I felt proud to be able to acheive that place in your life.

I remember those teasing days when you almost showed me your cock and then just hid it with towel as you made me suck my fingers as you embraced your fingers along it. I remember when you denied me orgasms, on the very first time, I was the most desperate. But with time, your little sweet laugh of enjoyment made me laugh too, making me dive deep into you and I start to feel happy.

When I saw your chest, I felt protected and confident. It is a sweet home away from home. I just love hugging you there, letting my face bury on your chest and tell everything I ever feel.

I love to be your DIMPLED slut and your little bitch- Snoopy. These names hold a special place and I can’t explain the smile it brings on my face.

The words for the week- the way you choose a word is something admirable and I realized this when I made this blog. It depends on the very situation of our week or a sweet memory reminding me every now and then about you.

When I saw you, I was probably the happiest person because I least expect it at that time (although I desired to)

I remember how you tease me on call making me imaging things like blindfolding myself and playing naked badminton with you which I will win either ways- sucking my Master’s sweet cock deep into my mouth.

I remember how you uplifted me when I really felt I will not be able to manage. I was all yours on that day. You were the one who always gave me an honest and truthful review to my plan and everything, making me feel better everyday. I would always be with you and support you in everything master as you do that to me. I love you. ❤️

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